How to anonymously gay hookup online with no consequences

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How to anonymously gay hookup online with no consequences

All categories of gay men care about anonymity, even if for very different reasons. Very young guys may still hide their preferences from parents and friends, while mature ones have important careers.

Well, hookuping anonymously as a gay isn’t a problem today. There are many gay hookup apps for this, as well as the clubs and bars where the best conditions are created for masking one’s ID.

  • Choose only gay sex platforms that declare the anonymity of the participants.
  • Chat with the guys whose profiles are trustworthy and non-commercial or suspicious.
  • Never share your private info regardless of how much you are attracted to a person.
  • Meet up at the places others find safe and well-checked, for your actual hookuping.
  • Do not leave any contact data that would reveal your affair to other people in your life.
  • Do not be too talkative during sex and in between either, it’s dangerous for you.
  • Your hookup may blackmail you, so leave in the wrong direction and confuse them.
  • Clean yourself well from any smell or makeup, change your clothes when you’re done.


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